In tribute to Warren MacKenzie, the clay giant that made clay culture possible in Minnesota. Thank you.
Warren MacKenzie

For Minnesota potter Warren MacKenzie, each new work was imbued with a special message for its eventual user.

“It is only when the user feels the presence of the hand of the potter that communication truly exists,” he said in the 2013 documentary “Warren MacKenzie: An American Potter.”

That desire for connection — for people to really live with and use his pottery — is a key element that distinguishes MacKenzie’s work. His utilitarian pots are featured in museum collections worldwide, from North America to Europe to Asia. And it’s because of MacKenzie that Stillwater (and the St. Croix Valley more generally) is known as a haven for potters. Read the full obituary...

Watch the video: Remembering Warren Mackenzie, on the TPT Originals website.

Powderhorn Empty Bowls was started in 2007 by five neighbors and potters who met at the Powderhorn Park Pottery Program.

Their mission, to promote art, provide sustenance and promote the common good has been carried out every year since, with the help of donations and hundreds of volunteers. Every year hundreds of neighbors and community members gather together to help end hunger. These people choose a hand-made bowl that has been donated, which is filled with soup made by volunteers and local businesses and accompanied by bread made on site by volunteers. For this, we ask for a $20 donation.

When finished, wash your bowl and bring it home. Enjoy it and have it as a reminder of all the empty bowls in your community, across Minnesota and around the world. Also leave with that bowl feeling good, knowing that on this day, you did something to feed people in your community.