Powderhorn Empty Bowls stands in solidarity with our community over the murder of George Floyd here in our Powderhorn Park neighborhood. We are heartbroken by the destruction that our communities and businesses have experienced as a result of this horrific action. But we do take heart in the efforts of those who have demonstrated peacefully and those who have come out to support their communities in positive ways.

We remain hopeful as we look to the future. Be the change you want to see.

Be well and stay safe.

#GeorgeFloyd #PowderhornEmptyBowls #ILovePowderhorn

Powderhorn Empty Bowls was started in 2007 by five neighbors and potters who met at the Powderhorn Park Pottery Program.

Their mission, to promote art, provide sustenance and promote the common good has been carried out every year since, with the help of donations and hundreds of volunteers. Every year hundreds of neighbors and community members gather together to help end hunger. These people choose a hand-made bowl that has been donated, which is filled with soup made by volunteers and local businesses and accompanied by bread made on site by volunteers. For this, we ask for a $20 donation.

When finished, wash your bowl and bring it home. Enjoy it and have it as a reminder of all the empty bowls in your community, across Minnesota and around the world. Also leave with that bowl feeling good, knowing that on this day, you did something to feed people in your community.